Give Hope

On 6 November 2012, our special girl, Timina Jade Nieuwoudt was born at 27 weeks (13 weeks premature) weighing only 735 grams. She spent the first 101 days of her life in hospital. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy shortly after birth due to brain damage, causing her movement, posture and fine motor skills to be significantly delayed.

There is currently no cure for Cerebral Palsy. There are however, various treatments that can help improve Timina’s functionality and enhance her quality of life.


If you'd like to learn more about Timina's specific diagnoses, please listen to our interview, Talking Cerebal Palsy with the Living Angels podcast.


We view the fact that God decided for us to be Timina's parents as an immense blessing. Raising her does however come with its own set of challenges. We are fortunate to be supported by an incredible village that includes our family, friends and our amazing church.


The financial aspect of course, remains a challenge. We've received many miraculous blessings for which we are eternally grateful.


Other than the generosity of items that have been given to us, previous events and fundraisers have helped us to obtain:

  • Timina's first wheelchair and a car seat (2013)
  • A Freedom Walker (2019)
  • Gait Trainer
A girl holding a megaphone


Our current need is for a vehicle that suits Timina's needs. A smaller sized car causes injuries to Timina's toes and ankles, as she grows taller. She frequently kicks against the front seat which causes her severe discomfort. 

Getting her in and out of a car in her wheelchair also proves extremely challenging. 

One of our charity champions, Desiree Rohloff (Beverley's sister) has created a BackaBuddy fundraiser for this need, and we would be so grateful if you are able to make a donation (no matter how small) or simply spread the campaign to your networks.

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